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Mazandaran Organic Fertilizer Company was established in 2010 with the aim of producing various types of cellulose organic fertilizers, humic acid liquid fertilizers in accordance with the needs of plants and soil types as one of the subsidiaries of wood and paper industries in Mazandaran. The company is enriched by producing a variety of cellulose organic fertilizers in bulk, tailored to customer needs; It has greatly contributed to agricultural self-sufficiency and meeting the needs of farmers. The production plant of Farakud Organic Company of Mazandaran has favorable economic and environmental benefits in the region and has prevented the pollution of groundwater, and by gradually disinfecting the soil, it helps the health of the environment and reduces the consumption of chemical pesticides. Also, the products of this factory have provided the needs of paddy farmers and gardeners in the province and a large part of the country.

The words of the CEO

Remarks by the CEO of Farakood Ali Mazandaran Company, Mr. Habibi:

With the help of God Almighty, Farakood Ali Mazandaran Company, in line with its mission, while maintaining human dignity and relying on the knowledge and efforts of its employees, has put customer orientation at the forefront of its thinking and commitment. Growing and improving the knowledge and skills of all employees through training and creating a healthy, transparent and participatory environment within the organization and increasing the quality of production in order to satisfy customers and the development of national and regional and remote markets, so I and all colleagues work hard We consider this production complex to be committed to advancing the mentioned goals by using the best and most up-to-date facilities. Your satisfaction, dear customers, shows the extent of our success in achieving these goals. We will be grateful that you, dear customers, as a member of this family, send any comments, criticisms and suggestions to the mobile number of the department (posted on the site) so that we can have better days ahead, God willing and with your help.

Ebrahim Habibi

Managing Director

company Information:

Name: Mazandaran Organic Fertilizer Company

Start of activity: since 2010

Mazandaran Organic Fertilizer Co. Includes cellulose compost, organic granules and noted humic acid liquid. The company’s production lines are active in three shifts continuously and regularly. Factory

address: Sari – 12 km Sari-Semnan road – Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries Company Website – Mazandaran Organic Fraco Company

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    why Mzanadaran Organic Fertilizer

    Increasing plant resistance to cold and heat and environmental fluctuations
    Usability in any vegetative stage of the plant
    Strengthen the quantity and quality of produced food.
    Reducing evaporation and transpiration and preventing soil loosening.
    Low consumption and can be increased up to several times.
    Creating environmental sustainability
    Regulation of soil acidity
    Helping to improve soil in saline environments
    By using these fertilizers, the physical and chemical properties of the soil will be improved and the performance of product increase, by 30% to 60%.
    Helping to reduce soil contaminants
    Significant performance increase in plants
    Ease of fertilizer spraying and how to use.
    Increasing plant resistance against pathogens and fungi
    Keeping the soil moist and prevent it from eroding
    Provide the plant required nutrients for long term
    Storage of water in the soil
    Increasing soil oxygen